Wedding Photo Albums

Why printing a photo album is oh so important

I want you to imagine this. You’re 12 years old sitting in the family living room. As the aroma of dinner wafts through the air, the sound of your family’s lively chatter fills the room. Suddenly, someone begins to recount a cherished memory from the past, and you can’t help but feel a sense of warmth and nostalgia. All of a sudden you’re transported back to a different time. You grab a photo album from the coffee table. Flipping through the album, some of the photos fall out and you gently place them back in. They are so precious. The photographs transport you back to a place or maybe a gathering you weren’t even a part of. But it doesn’t matter – you feel this invisible thread within you – connected. Seeing the way your family was years ago, how they lived, what they were wearing puts a smile on your face, maybe even a little giggle. One of your parents chimes in and tells you a story about one of the photos you are looking at.

You look up at them in awe as they start to go down memory lane, and tell you all about that moment. Their reflection on that memory years later, now in the present. They say “Your grandparents made the deck in their backyard for our wedding” or “The food your grandma cooked for everyone was so good, by the time I got to eat some it was all gone”. Suddenly without realizing it your smile turns bigger and you think “Wow, this is so cool hearing all these stories about my family”. For a second you feel so connected to their past lives. That invisible thread of connection that we sometimes lose or take for granted with our families is reignited, and you feel warm inside. “Wow” you think.

That was me as a kid. Almost every time I went to my grandparents house I pulled a photo album out of their octagonal side table and flipped through them. My family printed so many photos for themselves to remember and I’m sure without realizing it, they had no idea what that would do for the future generations of kids, and grandchildren. My mom recently sold our childhood home (insert tears), and I have two boxes of our family photos. I’ve been going through them over the last week or two and holding all of those memories in my hands made that invisible thread a little stronger for me.

My philosophy on wedding albums

I believe in being able to pass the thread down to future generations just like my family did. I believe in being able to hold an album in your hands, and not letting your photos get lost on your computer. These albums are for you, but they are also for your kids, grandkids, friends, close family members and anyone you want to share that thread with in your lifetime. They are for evenings drinking a glass of wine with your closest people, while the food bakes in the oven and you share stories about your lives.

These are for you and your legacy – whatever that looks like.

An old photo album binder with rings, displays old wedding photographs

An old photo album with square photos inside of it displaying a bride and groom


Today albums can look a little different. There’s no sticky albums, or photos covered in plastic. They can be beautifully put together to flip through and grab off the shelf. You don’t have to worry about photos falling out, or losing a precious memory under the couch. Take a look below at what your memories can live in forever.




Flip through an album below




sample above is a 20 spread (40 page) album, in seal grey linen

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