I’m Caitlin and I’m a Canadian wedding & lifestyle photographer based in Toronto.


Over the last 8+ years, I have photographed so many wild love stories, connections and unbreakable bonds. The lovers who are not afraid to be vulnerable and show their love for one another. I thrive off of photographing genuine people and real connections and I am so grateful to call this my profession.


I’m passionate about connecting with people and I’d absolutely love to connect with you too. I’d love to hear about your adventures, plans and what you're looking for with my services. Keeping on browsing below for more info and to explore my website a little bit more!


Why Choose me?


I've photographed 150+ weddings so I've seen a few things. Add in all of the engagement and lifestyle client sessions and you've got yourself a confident photographer who can pose, direct, and take control of the shoot while keeping your needs in mind.


Having photographed my share of weddings over the last 8 years, I've come across many situations. I know how to use my voice to create solutions for anything that comes up to help you have a successful wedding day or shoot.


Your vision is important and I strive to deliver photographs you'll truly love and be able to appreciate. I"m a firm believer in open communication and I use this as a tool to help us achieve our goals.

Let's get Personal

A lil more about myself

I grew up in Mississauga, lived in Toronto for 6 years and just moved to Hamilton. Growing up spending summers at the cottage, I never thought I'd love living in Toronto so much and now moving to a new city is so exciting! Live music and concerts are some of my favourite past times, along with hiking, kayaking, and exploring. I'm the girl you'll randomly find yourself in a conversation with at the grocery store, or on the street. Connecting with people is something I truly love to do. Everyone has a unique story to tell!

Fun Facts about me!

+ I collect coins - specifically quarters

+ I own a canoe, and I really want a foldable kayak

+ I love all types of music but rock and heavy metal are at the top

+ I've always wanted a kitty friend - what's stopped me is my allergies

+ I can build a mean ass bonfire!

+ Waterfall lover right here - I can show you them all!

favourite places

+ New Zealand

+ British Columbia

+ Iceland

+ Any Provincial Park!

We might get along if...

+ You love live music (I love heavy metal all the way over to classical)

+ You're spontaneous

+ You love the outdoors

+ You aren't afraid of open communication

other clients I've worked with



University of toronto


The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering





childhood cancer canada


national eating disorder information center (NEDIC)


population health analytics