I believe that every client deserves a great experience

Your Experience

The experience you'll have with me is a truly personal one. I want to know how you met, how long you've been together & all about your proposal. Your story gets me so excited and it helps me to get to know you so that I can document you as authentically as possible.


When you book an engagement session along with your package, your investing in a few things. First off, you'll get a taste of what it's like to be in front of my camera & to get to know my vibe a little. Second & most importantly, it offers you to preserve this time in your lives. Your days of dating, your engagement and everything before you officially tie the knot.


Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye, and that's why it's so important to be able to slow down and enjoy every second. My job is to document your day so that your photographs can transport you back to those moments once felt.


I offer albums and prints to help complete your wedding day experience. Your photographs should not stay in the digital world - they should be embraced, and printed. Little reminders of the love you share for each other and the love you celebrated with family & friends.


My couples

My couples are people who value beautiful photography, but also a great connection with their photographer. They want to be able to let their guard down, and be themselves fully.


My couples are adventurers at heart, and trust me to not only document them, but to also trust my ideas as well. I'm super adventurous and always come up with ideas in my head for photos!


On your wedding day, I'll be one of the only vendors to spend all day with you. ALL DAY. That means a few things.


1. We should like each other! I'm an easy going & organized gal, and I think it's important to like your photographer. This will create a bond that will allow you to trust in my services, and also trust in my ideas to help tell the story of your day.


2. You should feel comfortable with me. I"m going to be photographing some of the most intimate parts of your day so it's important that we feel comfortable around each other so I can document intimate moments - especially emotionally driven ones.


When we click, I am truly able to photograph your genuine self, and show your essence through my photographs. I find most of my couples continue to hire me to capture their ever changing lives the years following their wedding days.






We like what we see - now what?

First thing to do is to reach out to my via my contact form and we can schedule a phone consult! We will go over the rough details of your day, talk about how many hours you'll realistically need, and I'll tell you a little more about myself and my process. By the end of the call you'll want to feel like you were able to connect with me and vice versa. You want to feel like I'm a friend and that you can be yourself in front of my camera. Once booked - then we get to the fun parts!



Step one

schedule the engagement session

If you've chosen to add on an engagement session to your wedding day package then I'll be sending an engagement session questionnaire to you next. This will help me get to know you both a little better and get us chatting ideas. We will choose a season, pencil in a rough date, and talk about what you two love to do as a couple. Your engagement session should be personalized to you both!



Step TWO

wedding Questionnaire & timeline consultation

This is where I'll grab all of the details about your wedding day. Your family and wedding party's names, and all of those extra special details you want photographed. Is your grandma making your wedding cake? These details are extra special and important for me to know. I'll use the information you've provided to help you draft up a final timeline for you, and chat with you more about the flow of your day!



step three

It's Your wedding day! just relax

Alright, we've gotten all of the hard work out of the way, you've had a good nights sleep and now it's the big day! I'll show up fully prepped and ready to get to work for you. When it comes to the photos on your wedding day, you shouldn't have to think about them so that you can be fully present and enjoy! I'll be keeping us on track, and working my magic to give you a full collection of the story of your day.

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"Beyond the fact that she is incredibly easy to work with, she had an amazing ability to get to know our personalities which translated into an amazing talent for capturing moments that were very "us".

The engagement shoot was such a great experience because it allowed us to get to know Caitlin and we got a sneak peak at how amazing her talent is. By the time wedding day hit we both felt so comfortable with Caitlin it took all the stress and worry out of the entire picture process which helped make our special day so incredible. From start to finish we can't recommend her enough from her amazing skills to her chameleon like ability to get along with everyone involved on our wedding day. We both really felt like we weren't just another wedding because she took the time to find out who we really were and that translated in the amazing pictures we got as a final product.
Thank you Caitlin!!

- Elise & Jordan - Cambridge Mill wedding

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