Down-to-earth couple Angela & David celebrate at Mississauga Convention Center!

Angela & David are such sweet genuine souls. It was no wonder their wedding day was down-to-earth, joyous, and fun! When I was photographing them, their presence it felt effortless to capture. They naturally gravitated towards each other, had genuine laughs with each other and you could just tell how sweet and soulful their connection felt. When I asked them what they were most looking forward to on their wedding day they said, “To look into each other’s eyes and know that “WE DID IT”!!!

Enjoying a down-to-earth wedding

They got married in their church where everyone gathered, their friends played music, & everyone sang together. Let me tell you – I had goosebumps all over! After their ceremony we all went to lunch where I got to document the sweetest moment – Angela feeding David sushi. If that doesn’t scream down-to-earth wedding, I don’t know what does! After a delicious lunch, we headed over to Scottsdale Farm for the wedding photos. I got them situated in the field and they popped a bottle of champagne, laughed with their closest people and we all just had a blast. When you give a fun, down-to-earth couple the space to be themselves it really shows in their photos. As a result, we came out with a whole collection of photographs from their day that are authentic and honest to who they are.

Words of advice from this down-to-earth couple

I asked Angela & David; “Any words of advice for future couples planning their wedding day?”
Angela & David replied, “Start early! And to take one task at a time. Savour the planning process cause it only happens once! And it’s for THE party of your lives”!!
Makeup Artist: Maya Lee
Hair Stylist: Tina Lee
Cake Artist: Rachelle Sison
Invites: Sarah Kim
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