Intimate Spring Elopement – Tristan & Cassandra

Intimate Spring Elopement

Tristan called me one week before their intimate spring elopement. “What are you up to on Tuesday”? he asked. “Nothing really, just a few work things” I said. Asking me if I was available for his elopement in one week I said, “Of course I will be there 100% no matter what”! We chatted about their vision & how their day was going to flow and I was tingling with excitement.

This intimate spring elopement was one of the few I’ve photographed that was very ‘go with the flow’.  The ceremony time, and dinner time with friends were set and I knew that they wanted some photographs at Too Good Pond in Unionville. With both of them living there at the time, and me growing up in childhood there – I was super excited.

Before it was the norm – intimate spring elopement

When couples decide to do whatever they want on a wedding day, breaking the ‘traditional norms’ I absolutely love it. Why does the wedding industry make all these boxes for people to fit into? Just do what you want! These two eloped in 2018 with just 5 people including me! They got ready together in the morning which was so special to photograph. They even had a video call with Cassandra’s mom (and this was in 2018)!! We were then off to the Toronto Wedding Chapel to meet Tristan’s good friend, and Cassandra’s brother who flew in from Colorado. The ceremony was short, sweet and full of laughter and tears. I cried as I watched my cousin marry the love of his life.

Envisioning a magnolia tree all morning for their photos I told myself, “If it happens, it happens”.  Of course as good luck would have it, I drove past a huge magnolia tree on an abandoned lot on the way to the ceremony. This was after taking a wrong turn.  So after the ceremony I said to them, “I saw this crazy beautiful tree and I would love to check it out on the way to the pond”! I didn’t know exactly where it was but I knew we would get there with a few extra turns on the way. Taking photos at the magnolia tree was very special, and then we were off to Unionville to take more photos.

Unionville holds a very special place in my heart having spent my formative years growing up there. Our home backed onto the baseball diamond where my dad played ball, and the curling club where my grandfather curled. Our grandparents lived a few streets away, and my cousin Tristan a street away from them. We had our spot on the street during Unionville Festival, and my cousin and uncle were always in the parade. We would watch the boats race on Too Good Pond and it was always such a great little community. Taking pictures of my cousin & his new wife Cassandra here was extra special, and some of my favourite moments that year.

Their wedding goes to show that you don’t need to spend your life savings on a wedding, and that it can be just as special even when it’s just 5 people, and a few friends joining you for dinner later.

I hope this inspires you to have your wedding any way you choose.

~ Caitlin


Bride getting makeup done in her kitchen on her wedding day and their shoes resting on the table Groom getting ready in the bathroom on his wedding dayBride watching on as groom gets ready on the day of their elopementBride helps groom with his shirt while he gets ready in their living room on the day of their elopementBride adjusts groom's collar on his suit while they get ready together on their wedding dayBride slips on her wedding dress in the living roomGroom zips up bride's wedding dress while they get ready together on their wedding dayBride and groom are seen in reflection of the cabinet in their living room as groom does up bride's wedding dressGroom looks at bride when she turns around in awe of her beauty while they get ready togetherGroom helps bride put on her jewelry on their wedding dayGroom helps tattooed bride put on her shoes on the day of their elopementPortrait of bride with her flowers against soft lighting in their living roomBride puts on groom's boutonniere while they get ready together on their wedding day Bride and groom zoom call brid'es mother in Germany on their wedding dayBride and groom arrive to Toronto Wedding Chapel on their wedding dayGroom watches bride walk down aisle at their 5 person elopementBride and groom standing inside Toronto wedding chapel about to say I doGroom puts ring on bride's finger inside Toronto Wedding ChapelBride puts ring on groom's finger inside Toronto Wedding ChapelBride and groom kiss after they get married and both are laughing inside Toronto Wedding ChapelBride and groom crying with tissues inside Toronto Wedding Chapel after their elopement taken by top 10 toronto wedding photographerBride and groom hold marriage license after eloping inside Toronto Wedding ChapelBride and groom have photo taken after they elope with their guestsblack and white photo of bride and groom kissing after their elopementPortraits of bride and groom at stunning magnolia tree for their intimate spring elopementPortraits of bride and groom at stunning magnolia tree for their spring elopementPortraits of bride and groom at stunning magnolia tree for their spring elopementBride and groom standing together against red wall in Unionville for their wedding photosBride, groom and 2 friends stand together laughing after elopement in UnionvilleBride and groom walk down the street in Unionville Ontario after elopingBride, groom and friends pop champagne after getting married in Unionville at Too Goo PondPortrait of groom as she hold champagne after eloping in Unionville at Too Good PondBride and groom portraits as they walk in the nice sunshine on the day they elopedblack and white portraits of bride and groom at Too Good Pond after elopingBride and groom giving each other the middle finger in a playful way after elopingBride and groom clinging wine glass at The Keg for their wedding dinnerblack and white photo of bride and groom holding hands on the dinner table at the Keg after they eloped

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