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My travels to France!

Two years ago I traveled to Lyon, France for just a week. My girlfriend was living there with her boyfriend for a few months & it was the perfect opportunity to travel to Europe for the first time! It was incredibly hard to narrow down all the photos for the purpose of this blog post,...

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  • Mai NguyenYay! Amazing pictures! Thanks for coming to explore the beauties of France with us =)ReplyCancel

Arrowhead Provincial Park Skating & Exploring!

Arrowhead Provincial Park in the winter is absolutely magical. I’ve been camping there in the summer, and it’s one of my favourite spots because of all the birch trees of course! My first night there, we arrived just after sunset and the snow had just started falling so slowly and peacefully and I knew this...

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  • Gail WardHi Caitlin, Just one of those happy little rabbit trails you find by accident. Caitlin, you are a very talented photographer and I wanted to know if you would like to add your photos re: Arrowhead Skating Trail and any other material you may have including blogs and photos on any topic of your choice to ExploreLife.Today. This is a website devoted to listing any and all activities that people have or would like to try. You might want also to include tips on photography. There is little restrictions on subject matter, photos, etc. and I am confident you would benefit from the exposure. Sure hope to see some of your work on ExploreLife.Today
    Kind regards,
    Gail Ward

  • Jane HamminghLove your photos. I’m going to Arrowhead camp cabin for christmas. We’re curious about cooking: did you use the BBQ and was there a burner on the bbq? We’re wondering how we might do some cooking without solely relying on the microwave.

  • Emily StephensonSo awesome!!! I love it!ReplyCancel

  • Sarita LamersThese are amazing!!!!!ReplyCancel

Jess & James Couple Session – Isla Mujeres, Mexico

At the end of August, I was on vacation in Isla Mujeres, Mexico with my boyfriend Keri, and his family. We were swimming with the whale sharks for 10 straight days and shooting all day long too – absolutely exhausting but well worth it. Isla Mujeres is a small little island where you get to...

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    Cage Diving with Great White Sharks – Guadalupe Island, Mexico

    Cage Diving with Great White Sharks in Gualalupe, Mexico Since I was a child, I always knew I wanted to swim with whales,  but I never thought that I’d be in the water with great white sharks in Guadalupe, Mexico. When the opportunity presented itself, I was a little hesitant, since you know… watching “shark...

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    • Jenn Kavanaghyou guys are badass, that is all! great shots. ReplyCancel

    Lembeh Resort – Indonesia

    In September of 2012, I had some vacation time booked, and of all the places I could have gone for 7 days, I chose Indonesia. After 3 flights, a lengthy car ride, and then a boat ride to an island, I arrived at Lembeh Resort in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Lembeh Resort is truly spectacular! The...

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      Why I quit my job – Dominica – Swimming with Sperm Whales

      Swimming with whales was something I’ve wanted to do since I was about 7 years old. When the opportunity came for me to actually do this, I made the decision to say goodbye to the security of my bank job. I wasn’t allowed the time off to pursue this bucket list item, and in turn...

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      • Violeta Jahnel BrosigHi Guys, could you give me a hand on where to go to swim with sperm whales? Who did you go with? I would love to head there in Jan , but with Big fish expeditions it cost 9k and we just want to spend few days with the sperm whales. What do you reccomend? Thank you sooo much xvReplyCancel

      • Cage Diving with Great White Sharks – Guadalupe Island, Mexico » Caitlin Free Photography[…] I was a child, I always knew I wanted to swim with whales,  but never did I think I’d be in the water near great white […]ReplyCancel

      • Candia AlleyneGreat photos of the nature isle of the Caribbean. I particularly love the ones of the Boiling lake and Valley of Desolation especially since I know that I can never make that trip again having done it once when I was young.ReplyCancel

      • Victor LownesYou have got a book there! Thanks for the preview.
        Vic LownesReplyCancel

      • PortiaBeautiful photographs. Lovely write up on my island. Thank you for seeing the island with those eyes of nature. Nature at its best.ReplyCancel

      • Mac Gordon//New York CityAs a Dominican, reading this warmed my heart tremendously. Your blog brings out to the world, the beauty that our island holds within her embrace. I hope you can return sooner, rather than later, so you can continue to share your exploits with us. Many thanks.ReplyCancel

      • AnonymousThanks for the wonderful pics.Dominica is a beautiful place.Nathy

      • John Jno Finnstunning, amazing and worthy of adoration. Thanks for reminding me of the wealth of beauty in the Land of my birth. May we all be forever grateful for this this privilege.ReplyCancel


      • Jahlee J AlfredWe all know and loveReplyCancel

      • Jahlee J AlfredGetting to see and enjoy the DomonicanReplyCancel

      • Jahlee J AlfredDominica the beautifil, I am thankful for that great tribute to DA. I am glad the world is ReplyCancel

      • Faye Kay RayAWESOME PICS…..!!!!ReplyCancel

      • Nayah Blessup Winstonwow talk about beauty much redit to you and your professionalism in photography blessup

      • Michael DieseIsle of my birth, the sea beckons once more to these shores; another wave of her waves. Breath-taking and beautiful!ReplyCancel

      • Lyane BoydDominica is my home at heart trully a mystérious islandReplyCancel

      • Yuri A. JonesCaitlin thank you for writing and publishing such a wonderful blog post about our country! And your photos are beautiful. I think I’ll take my camera out to some of these sites soon!ReplyCancel

      • David RiceThis just shouldn’t be allowed! If it is then how cruel is it to tell us about it! Absolutely marvellous……..ReplyCancel


      • HB EugeneI am Dominican….I am a photographer and I am thrilled with your portrayal of MY island. Great job!. (My buddy Cyril Volney is now soaking it all in on behalf of all his friends abroad).ReplyCancel

      • Shirls JoeThanks for the beautiful pictures of my lovely Dominica and the article was well writtenReplyCancel

      • Giftus JohnGreat portrayal of the “Nature Isle,” and some amazing photos. Wonderful job.ReplyCancel

      • Christopher BThanks for your article and the photos. I spent a week in Dominica last year, staying at Castle Comfort, and I agree with your comments about the hotel and remember fondly some of the places your photos show. Did you ever go diving with Irwin (stinger) and Thomas? Great people.ReplyCancel

      • Jon Glen BannisAmazingReplyCancel

      • Serah Tricia Bellot-ShillingfordSuch beautiful pictures of our Nature Isle…thank you for sharing this!!ReplyCancel

      • Sami Cools-LartigueDominica at her very best……..ReplyCancel

      • Juls Angel HfdGreat shots of our beautiful Nature Isle, thanks for sharing

      • Jade PiperThis is Beautiful, Thank you so much! ReplyCancel

      • Barbara Bully-ThomasThank you for such a beautiful article and stunning photographs of my home island Dominica.ReplyCancel

      • Lucia James-DavisThank you for sharing the beauty of my birthplace.ReplyCancel

      • Cyril VolneyThank you. That’s why I live in Dominica….ReplyCancel

      • wremieThank you for so beautifully depicting the country of my birth. My true home. Looks like you had an amazing adventure. The photos are stunning.ReplyCancel

      Curaçao Adventures – Bon Bini!

      I was lucky to be able to go to Curaçao not just once, but twice in the last 18 months! Both times we were staying at Lion’s Dive & Beach Resort, and the service was great. The second time they were actually overbooked when we got there.. so we ended up with the penthouse suite....

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